Karoo IQ

What is Karoo?

Karoo is a free app and website from Care.com that helps parents, caregivers and relatives stay connected and share all the moments of childhood as they happen. With Karoo, families can always be there, thanks to pictures at the park, updates on feedings, and videos of first steps.


Who uses Karoo?

Parents, nannies, babysitters, family and friends all love Karoo.  It’s the must-have app for everyone who’s a part of your child’s life but can’t always be there for all the special moments.


How does Karoo work?

After downloading the free Karoo app, families and caregivers are ready to begin! Simply create a profile, invite friends, family and caregivers to join your timeline, and start sharing memories.  With one click you can take or upload photos or videos, share stories, or add comments, all within your private Karoo network.


Karoo was created by Care.com.  Who is Care.com?

Founded in 2006, Care.com (www.care.com) is now the largest online care destination in the world with 7 million members spanning more than 15 countries.  Care.com provides a forum for families seeking care support to easily connect with millions of care providers, share caregiving experiences and get advice.  The company addresses the unique lifecycle of care needs that each family goes through – child care, including special needs, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more.   Care.com also provides e-tools and information to help families make safer and more informed decisions throughout the search and hiring process, including monitored messaging, access to background checks, recorded references, and an online safety guide.  Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, technology companies, and professional services firms offer Care.com memberships as a benefit to employees through its Workplace Solutions program.


Why did Care.com create Karoo?

As busy parents ourselves, we know how important it is to stay connected with your kids. With Karoo, your babysitter or nanny can help you stay connected to your child by sending detailed updates throughout the day. Karoo is more than just an app, it is a vital piece of the family and childcare puzzle.


Where did the name “Karoo” come from?

Karoo was actually the company’s very first name before it publicly launched as Care.com so it carries a lot of meaning for us. As Care.com continues to provide families and care providers with access to tools that help them address their lifecycle of care needs, we felt that calling the app Karoo was the perfect choice.


What makes Karoo special?  How is it different from sharing photos and memories on other social networks?

There are many apps for photos, many for videos, and many for schedules and notes.  Karoo is the one app that does it all…and more.

Karoo is a private network for families, close friends, and caregivers.  It helps parents stay connected with their children throughout the workday, share information with a private network in one easy click, and store all those special memories.  No longer will sharing photos and memories involve a multitude of emails, texts and social media posts; Karoo aggregates everything into one central location where all the special people in your life can access them.

Karoo works as a memory book, allowing parents to capture and store precious photos, videos and stories as they happen. Special “milestones” such as first steps, game-winning goals, and the first time they make their own bed, can be called out with special tags so your followers know what’s important.  Karoo is always in your pocket or purse, so no more hunting for that favorite photo or finding time to organize everything.  Everything is one click away.

Caregivers can easily keep parents in-the-know (and impressed) with timely updates on everything from naps to school pickups to new best friends.  It’s easy to update a child’s timeline with daily activities, so the whole family can be there for every moment, even if they’re far away. Parents and caregivers can capture and share pictures, videos and stories throughout the day.


What are the next steps for Karoo?

At Care.com we’re always buzzing with activity, and our Karoo app is no different!  Currently we’re working on a host of additional features to enhance every aspect of the Karoo experience.


Is Karoo a secure space to share photos and videos?

Yes, Karoo is a secure space, because only the people you invite or accept to join your network can see the information you share.  Users can set permissions for specific followers, and can choose exactly how large they would like their sharing network to be.Care.com takes the safety of our community extremely seriously and is committed to providing families with the best tools and resources to help them with their care needs.